Daisy Bates, The Journalist

Well-known for her role in helping to desegregate  Little Rock’s Central High, Daisy Bates and her husband also co-owned a newspaper, The Arkansas State Press.  Check out your PBS listing for the following:

INDEPENDENT LENS will present three new shows. “Daisy Bates: The First Lady of Little Rock,”premiering Thursday, February 2, at 10:00 p.m., tells the story of Bates’ life and her public support of nine black students who registered to attend the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas (See advanced clip here). The film’s director, Sharon La Cruise, will appear on the PBS/TCA panel.


It’s About Time!

This evolving site is dedicated to the recovery and recognition of black women journalists who made contributions to the field.  Often their work was neglected and left invisible.  Reclaiming their history means acknowledging they have a history.  I will start with brief reviews of texts written by and about black female journalists reaching back  to the early 1800s through the present.  The effort is part of my dissertation journey to understand the experiences and impact these women had then and now.  As I learn more, so will you.  Enjoy!

Ava Thompson Greenwell